Destiny's Fate
Book #1 ~ The Dutiful Gods Series

Destiny is blind unable to see outside his realm, he's bored, lonely and beginning to dread his duties. Until he discovers an unconscious woman on his couch. He has no idea where she came from or how she got there but he wants to keep her. What lengths is he willing to go to make that happen? Is he willing to enter her world? With his mother determined to have her way, the universe will become the story of what you see isn't always what you get.

Zandra wakes on a couch in the biggest library she has ever seen, she can't remember where she is, how she got there or even her own name. She is easily distracted by Destiny, the man of her dreams. 


Even Destiny is not immune to the manipulation of the Universe, who just happens to be his mother. Will Destiny finally see his fate in the eyes of Zandra? With the energy sizzling between the sheets, until reality reclaims Zandra





Taming Destruction
Book #2 ~ The Dutiful Gods Series
Destruction is the master of his realm, the creator of Natural Disasters from erupting volcano's to raging tsunamis, shattering earthquakes and devastating hurricanes. 

Megan is a woman who has already lost everything, her mother, her father and the man she loved, the man she was supposed to spend her life with. Megan now stands to lose anything she has left, her family home and her mothers craft shop. There is a cyclone, hovering off the coast, getting closer and closer by the minute. 
What will happen when Destruction meets Megan, will he destroy her too. 

Can Megan see past Destruction's duty, to see the man behind the damage and ruin he causes. Will Destruction let Megan close enough to see their is more to him than meets the eye. 'Taming Destruction' is the second book in the 'Dutiful Gods Series'.



Morpheus's Dream
Book # 3 ~ The Dutiful Gods Series
Morpheus is the Lord of Dreams, he's bored and lonely. He knows that his brothers Destiny and Destruction have found their happy ever after within the human realm. When he controls the sleeping world, can he find the one female that stands out above all others in time to save your sanity. 

Cheval is a part time Graphic Designer and part time Artist, who uses her dreams to inspire her creativity. What happens when she finds the perfect man in her dreams, can a women get too much sleep when it's in the arms of a tall, dark, stranger.


Defying Death
Book # 4 ~ The Dutiful Gods Series
Death is the Reaper of Souls, he collects the essence of the dead. To keep his compassion he must live a human life for up to a week, to know what it is like to experience death first hand. Everyone will meet him one day, nobody can outrun their own mortality.
Vanessa is the one female that Death will never take against her own free will. Can she avoid his capture and does she really want to?
Fantasy Romance Fiction.
Do you believe in Destiny? Whatabouthisbrothers Destruction, Dream, and Death.

Become ensnared by the Universe and her children, the modern day Gods that rule Earth even though they have little control over their own existence.

Fall in love with the men that all women would love to have 
worship them.