Five Brothers 1 - 5
Houston - Felan - Tate - Channon - Lupe - London.
This is the box set of the Five Brothers Series. 
Paranormal Romance - Shifters
They share the cursed DNA of their father - Venom Black. Their fate sealed throughout their bloodline by a New Orleans Voodoo Queen. What happens as they find and claim their mates?
Book #1 ~ Five Brothers Series
Houston and his brothers are looking for a fresh start, can they make a go of it with 'Five Brothers Security' in Queensland, Australia. Houston an ex-federal agent meets Cameron a police detective that has just transferred back into the area. The two join forces to work a difficult case. Is it possible there could be more than meets the eye, Houston is tall, dark, handsome and cursed. 

Cameron is a strong independent woman, she's had to fight hard to get her detectives shield in a male dominated world. should she trust Houston to help her with the case that could make or break her career.



Book #2 ~ Five Brothers Series
Elizabeth Crane would give anything to avoid going out to celebrate a friends birthday. She's not into the clubbing scene, but no-one would have foretold how one night out with the girls would change her life.....forever. 

Felan is a shy, but handsome computer geek. What he can't do with a computer, simply cant be done. When his brothers relocate to Queensland Australia from the USA to make a fresh start, he decides to go with them. Give him computer forensics, program design, research (hacking), and he's got it covered. But when he sees Elizabeth Crane celebrating with a group of friends, she ignites an uncontrollable fire in his blood and he is left to figure out how he can use his skills to track her down and make her his own.



Book #3 ~ Five Brothers Series
When Tate is assigned to protect the daughter of Australian Senator Adam Winters, he gets more than he bargained for. There's nothing he hates more than being a babysitter. 

Jasmine finds her world turned upside down and inside out when she becomes the target of a terrorist group. She's a strong independent woman, but when she meet her new bodyguard assigned to protect her, who will protect her from Tate?


Book #4 ~ Five Brothers Series
Channon O'Shea, with his Irish blood and good looks is one of the cursed brothers. When he meets Cedela-Rose, a coffee skinned Cajun beauty and his inner wolf growls 'Mine,' will he be able to keep her safe from her own family? 

Cedela-Rose's father, Papa Legend, has promised her to the son of the Bokor Chief, Brok. Can her father find her in time and present her to her fated mate in order to align their houses?
Book #4.5 ~ Five Brothers Series
Lupe is one of the cursed brothers. What happens when he meets his mate, Henry?
Dr. Lupe Garcia, has tried really hard to live up to his mothers expectations. He's smart, goodlooking and has a heart of gold, wrapped up neatly in a shiny sense of humour.
Henry has never connected with someone the way he has with Lupe. Can he win his heart, protect and keep him safe.  Is there such a thing as happy ever after, for men who love men?
Book #5 ~ Five Brothers Series
London Black is yet another brother, from another mother. He's a chip off the old block. He takes after his Rock Star father the lead singer of 'Black Venom.' 

London has everything - The looks, the hot body, the voice and the charisma to set the stage on fire. The only thing he doesn't have, is the woman he wants to share it with. To make matters worse he begins to worry he can't keep the people that mean the most to him safe, when 'Krude Kultcha' are targeted by a smear campaign. 

Maybe...? Just maybe...? He can with the help of 'Five Brothers Security.'