This is a collection of short stories written as novellas submitted to various anthologies.


2113 - Written as part of a Sci-Fi/ Post-Apocalyptic Romance Anthology. This story is based on the facts surrounding the continued existence of the human race being dependant on the bee colonies in the here and now. This may be a short story, but it will have you wanting more, and I will be looking to expand on this in the near future.

Lupe ~ Part of the Five Brothers series is a hot m/m read with lots of drama and soul to match the love story. This novella was brought about due to popular demand by the fan of the 'Five Brothers Series.'

Playing Blind ~ A short contemporary feel-good romance.
Charlie is blind and looking to spread her wings and find her independence much to her brothers dislike of the idea. If she no longer lives with him then he can't protect her from the world, human nature and men! 

This is a love story that reminds us all that love is blind and just because you can't see doesn't mean you can't feel... everything!

Embers ~ A Paranormal Romance.

The world is not always as it appears. Dakota is grieving the loss of her grandmother. Left all alone, she performs a very dangerous ritual to find her soul mate. The one that returns to you in every lifetime. What happens when he turns out to be a Vampire?

This is a Vampire story of an everlasting love that was cursed but finds it's way back over many years.

Bearfoot @ Xmas was originally released as part of a Christmas Anthology (Santa's Naughty List) to raise money for Saint Jude Children's Hospital. It was only available for the 2015 Christmas Season. However, it is now available to read as a stand-alone. 

"Lexi Cavanagh is a special investigator for the Parks and Wildlife Rangers Service. When she tracks a group of illegal poachers into Duke Greysons territory will he (A Bear Shifter) accept a human as a mate?"

Ngyong's Tiger ~ Written as part of the Alpha Shifter Seductions Anthology. 


Ngyong'S Tiger is a secret part of Japanese Folk Law - He is the last of his line, and his family's tales of the 'Legend of the Fox' will die along with him. He is resolved in his decision to never take a mate.
Savannah is Ngyong's new neighbor, she's beautiful, curvy in all the right places and she likes what she sees on the other side of the fence. She has her own secrets, ones that could get them both killed.
It's impossible to outrun your fate, especially when it's all claws and Legend.


Valley of Shadows - Paranormal Romance Written as part of the Halloween Anthology - Shifter's Hallows Eve.

Steeped in centuries of tradition and in accordance with the Laws of Lupine. When the daughter of an Alpha comes of age, she stands before her pack as the prized female. Held in the Valley of Shadows, on All Hallows Eve is a twisted game of survival. Only the eldest unmated son of the Alpha's may compete for if they fail it means they are dead. It is part of an ancient ceremony one that will bring packs together from far and wide. It's an honor to be chosen to run the gauntlet, and a disgrace not to accept.