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Book 1 in the Genetically Modified Species Series

Taylor works for a cutting edge company but is oblivious to the Company’s more secretive patents. She has no idea that the C.E.O. is weaponizing D.N.A. by creating hybrids until she comes face to face with one of them.

Specimen 192 is the first successful hybrid of his kind. Can Taylor convince the Genetically Modified Species to let her help him? Or will he continue to push her away?

Specimen 192 was born out of need. But when the C.E.O.’s priorities shifted, so did 192’s future. Finally free from captivity can 192 walk away from the sexy female who makes his heart speed up?

He’s been dispatched to eliminate Taylor because she knows too much, but can he use her to get the information he needs to free his people?

Can Taylor make 192 roar? Can 192 make Taylor purr?